Make your passion your business.


kay-liedl-423158-unsplashMountain biker Hannah Barnes took her passions and created an adventure tourism experience that launched in 2018. The Lochaber area is an amazing landscape to experience all kinds of adventures, particularly mountain biking, with trails and dedicated downhill courses at Nevis Range and Glencoe Mountain Resort and further afield. Hannah added the element of yoga to this to create an all round experience bringing guests from all over the globe!

This shows the benefit in the adventure tourism industry in focusing on your passion and bringing in a specific market. Take a look at the Instagram posts and Hannah’s website to see how effective imagery and good marketing promoted this new kind of adventure tourism experience; and


Slow down, you never know what you’re missing….

The is a Scottish blog about slow travel, adventure and getting out of your comfort zone.

“I feel strongly that adventuring is for everyone, and comes in many forms, and I love the feeling I get when I push myself to try something new. It would be great to encourage others to do the same, all whilst exploring this beautiful country.”


Slow tourism invites travelers to enjoy their tourism adventure at a reduced pace; one that is sustainable and responsible. This allows you to discover new destinations while respecting them, live like a local and leave the place the way that you found it!

It invites tourists to get to know places, to live and “taste” them while at the same time promoting their protection as patrimonies of inestimable worth, as a richness to be safeguarded for our common wellbeing.Print


Read the blog for more about Kelly’s adventures and follow @kellyjmo on Instagram

The outdoor capital of the UK

Where does  your mind go when you hear that?

Oxfordshire, Cumbria, The North Coast NI? 

If you thought of those then you would be wrong, the “Outdoor Capital of the UK” is a brand which is used to market Lochaber as THE destination in Scotland for all kinds of adventure tourism, beautiful views and a fresh outlook on adventure.

The most recent campaign featured a series of videos promoting the businesses and experiences that make the place a great place to adventure.

Take a look at the videos on the Facebook page here:

or have a look at the website to see the success of the campaign:


Follow your fire and find your passion! 

Atlas Mountaineering – Scotland

Don’t be afraid to branch out!

Atlas Mountaineering are a mountaineering and guiding businesses located in the Highlands of Scotland. Their guiding skills are employed in Scotland but they developed a new product offering that takes their skills to the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Take in the beautiful landscapes, experience the breath taking view as you hike through the mountains.  

From the trip description you can see how the transferable skills are used to encourage adventure tourism in new areas, and make it accessible to more people. It’s a great example of how adventure tourism businesses can diversify their product offering but still stay true to their passions:

Adventure Tousim is a worldwide phenomenon, are you going to take part?


Follow this link to our AVIP website:


Top Blog picks for your next adventure

Want more information from an expert source? The Adventure Tourism project team want to point you in the direction of the most engaging, innovative content and we recognize that sometimes that comes from somewhere other than our well research Blog Posts!

Below we have linked to some of our favourite blogs!



Tourism Tiger – Expert tourism blog.

So You Think You Can Start an Adventure Travel Business: Now What?

Whatever it was, you have decided to pursue your dream and start an adventure travel business. The only question is – now what? Well, you could dive into the industry head first or you could give yourself a leg up and take a look at our tips and tricks for starting your own adventure travel business.

Tourism Tiger Blog


Trekksoft – Booking Software for Adventure Operators blog.

Adventure Operator Booking Software who cover Business topics such as Travel Trends, Business Management, Marketing, Travel Technology, Distribution and Tips)

Trekksoft Blog


Pat Falvey Adventure Travel – Adventure Business blog 

We are Ireland’s leading adventure travel company in trekking, walking and expeditions with nearly 30 years of experience leading teams of people to the most beautiful regions of the planet. We provide exciting expeditions, climbing courses, walking holidays and boot camps to individuals, groups and charities at all levels of experience.

Climb Carrauntoohil


Expert Vagabond – Irish travel blogger

Adventure travel and photography blog! With over 5 million readers a year, you’ve come to the right place if you love traveling, photography, outdoor adventures, or nomadic living. Put together a list of some of my favorite articles & travel resources so you can quickly get an idea of what this site is all about!

  • Read a couple of crazy travel stories.
  • Be inspired by awesome travel photography.
  • Start planning your next travel adventure.
  • Learn about location independence & nomadic living.


Expert Vagabond Ireland


Rezgo – Booking software for Adventure operators blog

A blog that covers Tour and Activity Operator Best Practice Topics such as:


Tour & Activity Operator Best Practices & Education


Save this post for later and you can take your time scrolling through these blogs to find your next BIG adventure!

Adventure Tourism Bulgaria

The Club for Adventure Tourism

AdventureBG, is a registered NGO in Varna, Bulgaria which was established in 2008.

During the years the entrepreneurial enthusiasts expanded their activities across Bulgaria. Many special tours and itineraries are provided for hiking, mountain biking, water tourism, visiting landmarks and sites, long-distance walking tours.

This company highlights the best parts of Bulgaria’s tourism industry and encourages people to explore another country outside of their comfort zone.

Many adventure photo galleries are available on the website here:

One of the most visited photo galleries is entitled Forgotten Rhodopes Mountain (July 2018)


Adventure Tourism material testing

Momentum had a great evening at the end of November disseminating the AVIP project.

They hosted a AVIP Pilot Testing Event, in Sligo Higher Institute, Ireland.

20 people from the Adventure Tourism industry tried and tested the Modules from Immersive Technologies and Product Innovation. We received much appreciated and valued feedback.

If you would be interested in testing these modules or completing the course follow the links below to our website and our social media.