What Scotland has to offer.

A new challenge is coming to Scotland for groups wanting small group adventures with multi-sport endurance challenges.

Rat Race Adventure Sports are ripping up the adventure travel rulebook as, from June, they are introducing Project: Explore to the outdoor active travel market, fusing small group adventure trips with the audacious multi-sport endurance challenges the business is renowned for.

Project: Explore raises the bar of active adventure travel offering travellers with a truly adventurous spirit an anthology of monthly, small group, guided and supported trips with exploration at their heart.

They will be challenged with a mix of mountain biking, road cycling, running, trekking and kayaking, all combined with overnight stays in remote hotels, B&Bs, bothies, tents and mountain caves.

Each of the five star experiences has a clearly defined challenge objective, an incomparable itinerary and their own activity skills and endurance ratings, all specially tailored to their iconic locations and the season.

Follow the link below to read the full article:


Credit- Scottishfield.co.uk


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