Slow down, you never know what you’re missing….

The is a Scottish blog about slow travel, adventure and getting out of your comfort zone.

“I feel strongly that adventuring is for everyone, and comes in many forms, and I love the feeling I get when I push myself to try something new. It would be great to encourage others to do the same, all whilst exploring this beautiful country.”


Slow tourism invites travelers to enjoy their tourism adventure at a reduced pace; one that is sustainable and responsible. This allows you to discover new destinations while respecting them, live like a local and leave the place the way that you found it!

It invites tourists to get to know places, to live and “taste” them while at the same time promoting their protection as patrimonies of inestimable worth, as a richness to be safeguarded for our common wellbeing.Print


Read the blog for more about Kelly’s adventures and follow @kellyjmo on Instagram


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